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Why we’re starting Cool4College

How many times during a young person’s teen years do parents say, “It’s NOT all about you”?

Cool4College is a personalized, individually focused college admissions consulting practice. In my years of experience working with high school students, including three of my own children, I’ve discovered that there is no magic bullet. There are no guarantees in life, and that is especially applicable to college admissions. Two students can have virtually identical portfolios yet their admission results may be very different.

As a graduate school admissions professional, I have seen many thousands of undergraduate transcripts from schools around the world. It is easy to see where students had a “good fit” and where they struggled. The universities for which I have worked are consumers who receive benefits by admitting highly qualified bachelor’s degree recipients into their highly selective programs. The same can be said for undergraduate institutions and high school students. A student will receive a great education and the institution produce a quality alumna/nus by both making the wisest choice.

Cool4College does not guarantee results and we don’t guarantee that you will get in to the most selective schools in the country. What we do guarantee is that we de-mystify the experience, provide support for the student and her/his family in the process, and celebrate your great results with you.

Because in the college admissions game – it IS all about you.

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